Futures & Options Factbook

The IFM's Futures & Options Factbook is a comprehensive text-based, resource guide is a comprehensive resource guide available by subscription that details trading, settlement and organizational information on exchanges worldwide. Product coverage includes futures, spots, forwards, swaps, and options on futures.

The Futures & Options Factbook provides detailed contract specifications including trading hours, contract size, trading unit, contract months, delivery months, ticker symbol/quotation symbol, trading style, price quotation, minimum price fluctuation, maximum daily price fluctuation, last trading day, first notice day, last notice day, delivery, settlement, strike price increments, expiration date, exercise style and automatic exercise. The guide also includes position limits explanation however, not the actual limits. Position Limits data is provided by the IFM's Position Limits Databank.

The Futures & Options Factbook is essential for Traders, Back-Office and Compliance Staffs, Fund Managers, Firm Clients and Regulators. The Factbook offers a sortable database and search engine that allows users to arrange data fields in nearly any combination.

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