Introduction to Exchange-Traded Futures & Options

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Course: This introductory course serves as a springboard into the world of futures and options on futures trading. The one-day program provides a "first look" at futures and options markets and introduces basic terminology and concepts of the exchange-traded markets. The course also provides a practical foundation to understanding how and why business entities use the markets to control costs, manage revenue, hedge risk, and take advantage of opportunities that may not exist in the cash or spot markets. The course is ideal for those seeking a better understanding of the global derivatives markets and to enhance their dealings with financial industry colleagues.

After the course you will be able to:

  • Recognize the economic benefits and uses futures and options on futures in risk management
  • Understand the futures industry functions, institutions, market participants and regulators
  • Explain the role of the central counterparty
  • Discern futures, forwards, and spot or cash markets
  • Understand exposure to risk and basic aspects of trading
  • Comprehend the mechanics of futures trading including margin, off-set, delivery, cash-settlement
  • Understand the roles of hedgers and speculation and its importance in market function
  • Appreciate the different benefits in trading options on futures vs. outright futures
  • Class Size: Registration is limited to approximately 15 participants to promote student participation and interaction.

    Who Should Attend: New entrants to the futures and options markets, prospective market users, and credit, treasury, administrative, compliance, sales and marketing staffs from banks, exchanges, pension, law, accounting, insurance, and regulatory/government organizations.

    Level: Basic

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    Complimentary morning and afternoon
    refreshment breaks are provided. Lunch on own.

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