Applying Technical Analysis to Futures Markets

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Course: Where is the market going? Everyone wants to know! This course is aimed at the beginner who is eager to learn the discipline of technical analysis to improve their trading results.

Technical analysis is the study of price action that gives the practitioner some insight into where the market may change direction, continue the trend, or just trade sideways. For generations futures traders have said "the trend is your friend"; and we demonstrate how to ascertain the trend. But once you know the trend, if any, how do you quantify the strength or weakness of that trend? What do you need know in common price patterns that portend where the market may be going next?

After the course you will be able to:

  • Quantify whether or not a trend exists; and ascertain the likely turning points.
  • Use moving averages to determine trends
  • Change the time scale to ascertain long term vs. short term trends
  • Identify, diagnose, and interpret of common price patterns: ascending/descending triangles, double tops/bottoms, head and shoulders formations (reversal patterns), etc.
  • Recognize counter-trend price moves by employing oscillators
  • Explain the use of relative strength index, momentum, and stochastic oscillators for determining over-bought, over-sold characteristics

Class Size: Registration is limited to approximately 15 participants to promote student participation and interaction.

Who Should Attend: Hedgers, speculators, traders, investment managers, and pension fund administrators would benefit from this course as it helps them understand where market prices are likely going next. Technical analysis skills benefit anyone who desires to know the likely direction and magnitude of the next big move in prices. You need not have a background with technical analysis to benefit from attending this short course.

Level: Basic/Intermediate

Instructor: Polly J. Richter

Cost: $250 early-bird ends 4 weeks prior to course date; $375 standard registration.
Complimentary refreshments are provided.

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