Understanding Credit Derivatives

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Course: This two-day program is designed for credit risk managers, fixed income managers, and other market professionals seeking to understand the fastest growing segment of the derivatives marketplace. This intensive program educates participants on the characteristics, mechanics and applications of both OTC credit derivatives as well as the newborn exchange traded credit products.

Compelling Topics Include:

  • What are Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and what are asset managers doing with them?
  • Insights from decomposing corporate bonds into their now liquid component elements of rate risk and credit risk.
  • Using CDS to maximize any portfolio management strategy
  • How CDS provides liquidity by eliminating the need for repo
  • How CDS solves small names, small cash markets, non-existent paper, and choice of tenors denominated in the currency of your choice
  • Exchange traded credit derivatives on indices: CDX, iTraxx, NAIG index, and credit default options on CBOE
  • CCP (Central CounterParty) initiatives and progress
  • Five uses for CDS trading:
  • Bi-directional trading in credit risk
  • Default timing risk
  • Basis trading with credit
  • Trading signal indicator
  • Building blocks
  • Total Rate of Return Swaps (TRS): How are they used to leverage portfolio asset allocation? This is a highly leveraged means to gain an exposure to both credit risk & price risk.

Class Size: Registration is intentionally limited to approximately 15 participants to promote student participation and interaction.

Who Should Attend: Credit risk managers, treasury managers, credit analysts, fixed income managers, financial analysts and traders. Minimum prerequisite: It's helpful to have an understanding of the corporate and Treasury bond markets along with some background in financial engineering and/or derivative instruments.

Level: Intermediate

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