Credit Risk in Emerging Markets

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Module I: Overview of Risk in Emerging Markets

  • Define economic and country risk
  • Identify and analyze other risks in emerging markets
  • Market (interest rate, commodity, and currency risks)
  • Liquidity, operations, and legal risks
  • Evaluate corporate governance, complex ownership structures, and government stakes
  • Case Study

Module II: The Credit Process

  • Identify the importance of each component of the credit process
  • Evaluate the critical importance of the identification, measurement and evaluation of risk in the credit process
  • Evaluate the quality of the credit process
  • Establish how disbursed loans and derivatives counterparties need to be monitored
  • Compare and contrast strategies to work out problem loans and problems with derivatives counterparties

Module III: Credit Analysis

  • Describe the basic elements of a quality credit process
  • Establishing underwriting criteria
  • Steps to assess potential borrower's credit worthiness
  • Internal financial information
  • Market signals
  • Ratings, stock price, and credit spreads
  • Analyzing borrower's and counterparty' collateral
  • Discern best practice credit analysis techniques when reviewing emerging market borrower financial statements
  • Analyze key factors in a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements
  • Compare and contrast useful financial ratios
  • Evaluate the appropriateness, quality and results of the credit analysis techniques used in the credit process
  • Compare and contrast rating agencies' credit analysis
  • Case Study

Module IV: Overview of Credit Risk Measurement

  • Discuss typical measurement models used by credit risk practitioners
  • Compare and contrast measurement models and their applicability to emerging markets
  • CVaR
  • Credit Risk Metrics
  • KMV
  • Identify advantages and risks in credit risk models as applied to emerging markets

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